Life is an adventure, why should building a business be any different!

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We provide a unique understanding of the current markets and the knowledge to look to the future. The services and solutions we develop are because we believe in the ideas and the  people behind them: offering a radical vision for change and the drive to realize it.

What we offer


Whether your firm is looking to improve employee engagement, technology, operations, marketing and branding, product management and development, or sales and business development, we have the expertise that will help you meet the goals you’ve set out for your organization.

Advisory Services

Helping you navigate the industry landscape to be prepared to address challenges as they come up and to adapt the business to meet the desired goals. We help develop strategies that work for your business and the needs of the clients you serve.

Executive Leadership

We understand it can be difficult to find the right candidate for a role. Our experience allows us to step into roles such as CEO, COO, CIO, CMO, CPO and CTO on an interim basis. Our experience extends from early-stage startups to multi-national organizations.

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Early Stage Companies

It takes courage, determination, and foresight to take an idea and to transform it into a viable business. We recognize that there will be challenges along the way, which is why we are passionate about working with companies to ensure they can overcome those challenges and realize their full potential. We have worked with companies at all stages of growth to overcome their challenges while equipping them with the necessary tools to achieve their goals.




Common challenges for startup companies

Getting to Market

Challenges can range from validating your business idea with your potential clients, finding a source of funding, building your sales pipeline, creating your brand or getting your first dollar of revenue. We have ways to make achieving these things easier. 

Product design

Having successfully designed and built a multitude of technology solutions in the fintech space, thinki3 can help guide you through the process of building a successful technology solution that will resonate with your customers.


Understanding the technology landscape and how it operates is vital in navigating your company to a level of success. At thinki3, we live and breath technology and always have our finger on the pulse of the next latest and greatest.

Corporate Enterprises

Today's corporate enterprises are required to be agile while operating the business in order to rapidly scale, respond, innovate, and remain relevant. Your business needs have evolved and the terrain in which you operate has become more difficult to predict. The framework for fostering continued innovation is intrinsically linked to your ability to adapt, the type of corporate culture you choose to cultivate, and in making sense of the impact of new technologies.


thinki3 brings the experience of running, transforming, and growing leading organizations from 100 - 5000 in staff. We will work with your existing business model to help stimulate creativity and agility, balanced with a pragmatic approach in order to continue moving your business forward.

Common challenges for corporate enterprises


There have been changes taking place within the technology space that have resulted in greater efficiency and cost savings while also generating better customer service. Our role is to help you seize the opportunities that are available to you so that your business will continue to flourish and grow with the changing market landscape.



The root of innovation is creativity which can be difficult to achieve within established organizations. Fostering the desired culture for your organization is dependent in part on the clarity and consistency of your message. We will help you create and provide the tools to help you nurture your desired corporate culture to move your organization forward.



Currently, most support processes for customers use technology that is limited and therefore requires a heavy reliance on staff. By integrating the right technology toolsets, we can transform your business to be more automated, self-serve oriented, and intuitive to better serve your customers.


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