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Our philosophy can be summarized by three words: compassion, determination and courage. We believe that you need to have compassion at the core to be a respected leader and to drive people to achieve a vision; determination to overcome obstacles and to stay the course; courage to embark on new terrain and to be open to change. We are passionate about working with clients to realize their full potential and in the process pushing the boundaries of current thinking, by looking at how emerging technologies can alter current business models and ecosystems.

Mark Hubbard

Business and Technology Innovator

Managing Partner

Mark brings strength and conviction together with compassion and empathy to reshape organizations. His ability to promote a culture of openness and transparency, leveraging the skills, knowledge and passion of the members of the team to embrace new and innovative ways of delivering solutions. Throughout his career, he’s demonstrated desire and courage to adopt new technologies and the strength and conviction to help those become the norm within an organization and the industry. 


Technology and innovation are rapidly changing how to look at business models and solutions. This encompasses how things get done, the people that do them and the platforms utilized. Mark is able to balance this with a disciplined approach to solution delivery and experience managing solutions once delivered into production. 


Mark believes that there is a need to continue to grow and learn in order to thrive personally and professionally.

Lina Ismail

Building products and strategies to accelerate growth and brand value

Managing Partner


Lina has spent her career working with fintech companies in Canada and Europe defining the vision and strategic direction through product innovation, marketing and cultural transformation.  Lina has propelled the growth of the business and enabled the development of solutions that have transcended the status quo. She believes that by challenging boundaries and broadening perspectives, you are able to harness the full potential and talents of people, which in turn will help achieve the best possible solutions.


Lina believes that Innovation is about taking risks; putting your ideas out there, and testing potential successes and failures. To be truly innovative, it’s about going beyond, and leveraging what others don't yet see, or understand. 


Chris Pacheco

Helping companies create a voice that will resonate with their audience

Brand and Engagement Manager


Having spent most of his career working for a variety financial services and fintech companies, creating brands, developing marketing strategies and campaigns to drive awareness and growth; Chris' experience has enabled him to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the challenges facing financial services companies and the role technology plays in shaping the way they interact with their clients and the industry at large.


Chris strongly believes that in order to move the needle of progress forward, one must exercise virtues of compassion accompanied by courage. These are traits that allow him to get out of bed every morning, do what he loves, and seize every opportunity to discover what's possible.

Robert Smuk

Board member, strategist, value creation and leadership in technology and data firms

Managing Partner


As president and CEO across three technology and services companies in the financial services industry, Robert has been able to marry strong leadership, deep financial services knowledge and a love for technology to build, transform and enable diverse global teams. 


He leads through a simple philosophy that can be explained in three words - passion, drive and caring. One must find a purpose that you care about, understand what success looks like, be driven to see it through with the passion to bring people together every step of the way. 


Robert believes that inspiration is what drives people and focus is what drives success.

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